Who are we expecting?

These are advanced level workshops, so we'd recommend it to people with experience in graphic design. We're convinced that creativity is not tied to a college or university degree, so we're counting on everybody who's been involved in one way or another!

Where can I register and how much is this?

You can buy tickets on Eventbrite following the link on each workshop's page. You can pay with Paypal or credit card. Ticket prices may vary, you can find further details on the workshops' pages. There are limited Early Bird registrations for each workshop, it's worth to be quick!

What do I get for my money?

You'll get 2 days of intensive work, every necessary material, food, drinks and a little surprise gift.

What is the last date I can register?

You can register up until the day before the workshop, if there are still available tickets. It's better to buy your ticket in time, because attendees will receive further information a week before the workshops and you might need some time to think about the project. And it helps us too.

How can I cancel?

You can cancel your registration in e-mail up until 15 days before the workshop and you will get all your money back, except the cost of the wire transfers. After that date you will only get back 30% of your money, because of our costs - leader fee, drink, food and everything else.

Minimum number of participants?

Workshops will be held for a minimum of 14 and a maximum of 20 people. If there aren't enough registrations, the workshop will be either cancelled or delayed. If it's cancelled, you will get all your money back. You will of course get a notification in either case!

What should I bring along?

We will provide all the necessary tools and materials, and also give a detailed description of what you'll need for each workshop. You'll need your own laptop though and maybe your camera. You will get an e-mail reminder about it!

What will happen to the artworks?

By buying the ticket you'll agree that Absoloot can use your artwork related to the promotion of future workshops.


We do not give your personal information to anybody. If you want us to delete them after the workshops, just tell us and we'll do it right away. Period.